PMP® is a project management professional certificate that all project managers want to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and experience of project management. The process of PMP® exam preparation is not so simple, and it is a significant obstacle to everyone, especially calculation questions. This article summarizes 22 formulas that need to remember in the PMP® exam.

There are plenty of formulas thorough 10 knowledge areas of project management. The table below illustrates the most important formulas for candidates in the PMP® exam.

 1. Discounted cash flow PV, FV PV = FV / ((1 +r) ˆ n)
2. Triangular Distribution(P+O+M)/3
3. Beta Distribution(P+4*M+O)/6
4. Standard DeviationSD(P-O)/6
5. Activity Duration RangeBeta Distribution +/- SD
6. Total FloatLS-ES = LF – EF
7. Planned ValuePVBAC * planned % complete
8. Earned ValueEVBAC * actual % complete
9. Cost VarianceCVEV-AC
10. Schedule VarianceSVEV-PV
11. Cost Performance IndexCPIEV/AC
12. Schedule Performance IndexSPIEV/PV
13, 14, 15, 16. Estimate At CompletionEACAC + bottom-up ETC: original estimate is no longer valid
BAC/CPI:  CPI will stay the same for the rest of the project
AC + BAC – EV: current CPI is abnormal
AC + (BAC – EV)/(CPI * SPI): both CPI and SPI influence remaining work
17, 18. To-Complete Performance IndexTCPI(BAC – EV)/(BAC – AC): BAC is still valid
(BAC – EV)/(EAC – AC): BAC is no longer valid
19. Estimate to CompleteETCEAC – AC
20. Variance at CompleteVACBAC – EAC
21. Communications ChannelsN * (N-1)/2
22. Expected Monetary ValueEMVP * I

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